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Color Pop 

Welcome to Color Pop Facepaint! Elevate your party experience with our professional face painting services. From birthday celebrations to large events, we specialize in crafting memorable moments with our vibrant designs. With each pop of color, we bring smiles and laughter, creating an atmosphere of joy and excitement. Let us transform your event into an unforgettable experience filled with cherished memories for you and your guests.

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Meet Michelle


Hi there!


I'm Michelle, a proud mom of two based in the charming town of Slinger, WI. Art has always been one of my passions, from decorating classrooms with whimsical designs to crafting homemade Halloween costumes. Over the years, I've taught myself to sew and quilt, finding joy in the process of bringing ideas to life with my hands.

In July 2023, I embarked on an exciting journey and launched Color Pop Facepaint. It's been an incredible adventure, filled with moments of inspiration and collaboration with fellow businesses. What I love most about my work is the freedom to explore endless possibilities. I don't have a favorite design because my favorites are always evolving. I thrive on creativity and am constantly experimenting with new designs, drawing inspiration from fellow artists and the world around me.

But the true magic happens when I reveal my creations to my clients, both young and old. There's nothing quite like seeing the twinkle in their eyes as they catch a glimpse of themselves transformed by my artwork. It's those moments of pure delight and wonder that fuel my passion and drive me to continually push the boundaries of my craft.

Thank you for joining me on this colorful journey. I can't wait to bring a little bit of magic and joy to your next event!

Warmly, Michelle

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